Test For Prostate Cancer Mandatory For People Having Family History Of This Disease

You should never neglect test for prostate cancer if you have an ageing male member in the house who is fifty years or above. It is a proven fact that males who are more than fifty years of age are vulnerable to this disease especially if they have family history or face any kind of urinary or other lower abdomen problems. Nevertheless, do not hesitate for fear of positive detection.

Nevertheless, you should not forget the fact that test for prostate cancer would help in detecting the problem at an early stage. Therefore, your doctor can help in completely eradicating the disease and your survival chances will increase. Moreover, the pre and post treatment suffering will be lesser if the detection takes place at an early stage.

However, let your doctor choose the test that he feels is the best according to the health and medical history of the patient. Although there are many types of tests for detecting this disease but all the tests, do not give the exact results. Sometimes the results give an indication about the presence of some problem in the prostate glands but it becomes difficult for the doctor to decide whether it is swelling, infection or cancer in the glands.

Most of the symptoms and test results are the same if you have swelling in the prostate glands or some kind of growth in the glands, which may not be malignant. However, the different types of tests that doctors advice for detecting prostate cancer are the ultra sound test, PSA test, examining the prostate through the rectal area, x ray, and biopsy. Out of these tests, biopsy test gives the most authentic test results.

If you are detected with prostate cancer after the analysis of the tests especially biopsy by the doctor, he then starts another process called prostate cancer prognosis. Most of the people do not have any idea about this foretelling process adopted by the doctors. Doctors base their analysis on the test results, Gleason score, medical history, the size and position of the tumor.

On the contrary, many are eager to know about the future treatment mode that the doctor will adopt for treating them besides giving them the information about their chances of survival in the next five to ten years. This information obtained from prostate cancer prognosis helps them to be mentally prepared for all the problems they are going to face and the restrictions they have to follow to increase their survival chances.

Doctors base the report of prostate cancer prognosis on various factors like the stage in which detection of your prostate cancer takes place that is whether it is in the first or second stage or in the third or fourth stage. Moreover, he will also take into consideration the kind of treatment you are adopting and give you the results of your survival chances in the next five or ten years.

Whatever, the consequences and the future prediction may be, you should never hesitate or take the risk of avoiding the signs and symptoms that the body gives about the disease. Moreover, if you have a family history you should take extra precaution and always adopt the precautionary measure of undergoing the test for prostate cancer.

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