Give Preference ot Alternative Options While Removing Genital Warts

Both men and women are genital warts sufferers which occur from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that come in different categories. Commonly 6 and 11 are prominent categories of HPV but other crucial categories like 16, 18, 31 and 33 are extremely dangerous. Out of the many sizes of genital warts some are like cauliflower and few like little bump structures which occur on skin in bulk. A few of them can’t be even seen but burning and itching sensation are their major symptoms. Once you face such problems consult doctor immediately and ask for suitable treatment. When you are aware of genital warts problem ask for genital warts medication options.

Scrotum or penis are the possible locations of genital wart infections in males while in females the major areas are around vagina or cervix where warts may occur. Such warts may occur inside the vagina and resultatnly the possibility of cervical cancer remains abundant. Warts in rectum in both male and female too might cause cancer. That is why it is most important to cure genital warts at the earliest.

Out of the various methods of removing genital warts some are mentioned here:

*Using nitrogen through cryosurgery to freez warts.

*Wart removal through electro dessication process, also called use of electric currents.

*Larger warts can be removed through CO2 laser surgery.

*Interferon is injected into warts for making immune system strong. The result of this expensive treatment is merely
50% that is not satisfactory though. This treatment continues for eight weeks and two injections are given in a week.

*Dissolving warts through applying particular chemicals on them.

Doctors generally recommend surgery or laser therapy, but the treatment is expensive. After removing the genital warts, its recurrence cannot be ruled out. To this day we cannot say that there is even a single medicine which can be called as a complete cure for genital warts. The surgical excision, etc. does not guarantee that the virus will not be there any more. The virus continues to remain in the body almost a whole life-time. The risk involved in all these treatments is also quite a lot. It requires an experienced doctor to carefully remove the genital wart without injuring the skin near it.

The best thing to do would be to have a lot of yogurt, which has beneficial bacteria to treat the genital wart from within. Yogurt greatly improves the immune system and this in turn equips the body to fight all infections. Other immune building-up food can be had to make the body strong internally. Many people do not like to go to the doctor as they find it embarrassing, apart from the expenses involved. Such people can try out homeopathy since it does not have any side-effects. The cost is also low and the best part of it is that it fights the virus from within. The medicines are oral and the warts disappear without leaving a scar.

If we consider buying ointments or lotions from the market to treat the warts, we should carefully read the ingredients. The medicine should be made from natural ingredients so that there are no side-effects. We must also check the history of the product, some past reviews and customer feedback. Genital warts medication such as these, must not be administered on pregnant women.

Certain things which we must keep in mind is that we should not try to cut out the warts on our own. As the infection is contagious we should take care that even skin to skin contact with the affected person is not there. Use of condoms is suggested to avoid getting it from partners but this also may not be effective. So the best is to abstain and have only one partner. We must concentrate on building-up the immune system by having a balanced diet which must be had at the right time. The phrase -“cleanliness is next to Godliness” must be strictly followed in order to be free from infections. Other people’s towels should not be used. A proper and periodic rinse of the body plus a good relaxing bath, is essential. As far as possible strong deodorants and sprays must not be used especially on the genital area. The chemicals kill the friendly bacteria (which are present on the surface of our bodies to fight infection) thereby making the body prone to infections.

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