Where To Buy The Best Earl Grey Black Tea?

Tea is known to have many benefits to human health. But there is one special tea which has delivered prolonged benefits, Silver Needle Tea (commonly known as Yin Zhen in China). Tea has a variety of antioxidants which combat diseases related to heart as well as cancer. They tantalize the taste buds and successfully create the relaxing and soothing effect in an individual. Tea is acknowledged as a great beverage to mark the end of one’s day. Silver Needle Tea is one of the many assortments of white tea. This Chinese white tea is the finest in its category. The work carried out to bring this taste in tea is also very strenuous. Those buds of tea which have not wilted or haven’t opened are specially selected as spring takes over its predecessor. These buds have no stems or leaves. The labour involved in making this tea makes it a rare beverage and a highly expensive one. Many people consider this drink to be for elites. Silver Needle Tea is not only the most expensive in its category but it is also very concentrated in antioxidants, making it the healthiest drink.

To be certain of being provided quality tea one should make sure of a few things to be there. It is very frequent that the most reputable dealers in tea are known to deliver the classiest and qualitative tea. Oceanoftea.com is one of those reputable stores which one should opt for. Tea stores are not a very common sight in the United States and it is quite likely that the individual may end up buying online. But online isn’t all that safe. The ones selling good and bad tea are both evidently marketing their product and it becomes very difficult for you to choose. So it is recommended that you review their websites properly and check for any clues that may confirm your doubts about them being one of the bad seeds. Customer reviews online can also help you make your choice about a tea store. When and where is the tea harvested are a few of those many questions that can get the vendor tongue tied if the tea being sold is not genuine.

Apart from oceanoftea.com, there are also many stores available in different parts of the world, which sell quality tea. In United States there are genuine quality tea is available at stores in Chicago, New York, Seattle and San Francisco at Argo Tea, Ito En, Vital Tea Leaf and Imperial Tea Court, respectively. Similar quality tea is available in certain parts of Canada in Vancouver and Montreal at O Cha Tea and Ming Tao Xuan, in that order.

It is important that you buy newly picked tea. In Asia, white tea is harvested in early spring which means that last harvested tea must be available from round the globe by the end of April. How you conserve tea is also very important. It is recommended that a sealed container is selected to store tea so that the antioxidants are well preserved. The container should be stored in a cool, dry place. But ensure that the container is not frozen; you may cause the tea to become dry.

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