Take an Environmental-Friendly Step with the Use of a Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Environmental degradation as a result of plastic pollution is an ecological catastrophe. Our habit of utilizing single use plastics is rapidly causing landfill to absorb dangerous and non-recyclable materials. Nature Lunchbox is promoting stainless steel as an alternative for plastic for both environmental and health reasons. Most lunch boxes and water bottles–two of the most necessary items for travel, work and school, are usually constructed from cheap and easily found plastic. However, a majority of plastics do not break down in landfill and therefore will exist in their current form for hundreds of years. Lands, oceans and waterways are damaged intensively by plastic pollution. Selecting stainless steel as your choice for water bottles and lunchboxes ensures that not only will they be 100% recyclable, they are also non porous and will not harbor bacteria as a plastic product will. They are durable, attractive and healthy.

Health Concerns

Plastic is a by-product of the petrochemical industry. As such, chemicals and toxics from plastics are known to leach into food very easily, particularly when the container or bottle is subjected to extreme temperatures. Even BPA free containers (which frequently have had BPS put into them) are known to leach toxins into food. Phthalates, lead, and a cocktail of other chemicals have been shown to have links to the development of childhood cancers, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and hormonal disruptions. Ever increasing plastic use may also be linked to testicular cancer, a cancer which is alarmingly on the rise.

Anti-Corrosive Properties

Stainless steel is valued for its non-corrosive nature. No matter how long you expose our lunchboxes to air or water, they will not corrode.

Choose to use stainless lunch boxes and stainless steel water bottles, now available in– sets of five, a 3 layer bento lunch box, a no leak lunchbox with clips, a premium kid’s lunchbox and attractive 750ml water bottles. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and opt for the one today that you think will best suit your kid’s specific needs.

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