In Somali In latin date 7. 1. 1. tdzbwg egogug tgoj cGwbE:-
tdzbwg egogug tgoj cGwbEd mb rhkgE dcch yNm adkkgEf edp ynp. ADppvp adkkgEf mb tgoj-cGwbEEh egogu tgk, Agppfi Eg mb tgoj-cGwbEEh egogu sFppdo. Adppvppg adkkgEf n egogug tgk tgoj cGwbEd mb :- y, o, L, q, I, u, l dcch w. (j zcTAh :… … 10-02-2007 tvpph dcch ynTftfc
igTgz,qgTTvp dcch TVkrcE
1. igTgz
d mb igTgz. D mb igTgz ygtf. pdTdT mb fTgc. pDTdT mb fTgc ygtf.
pdTdT dcch pDTdT eg dA yj Ad kb tn sdob? mb egcg.
egigc yj ygtg pJmgE cDqcE?
mgigc yj ygtg pJmgE cDqcE mb tgkg igTgz. n mb tgkgpv? mb d… Somali vowels: simple and umlauts
The Somali vowels are twenty: ten are simple and other ten are umlauts. the simple are represented in Latin writing as i e a o u ii ee aa oo uu. The umlauts are omitted.

If you look above at the twenty Somali vowels, ten of… 09-08-2006 gzyvEEg dcch zgTrCAg
gzyvEEg dcch zgTrCAg
gkmTgqgccgonm, eGqgpAgEdp.mgi kgpgE n bp gkmTrgc gccbp Egog AgTg egTdAgc qgppbEEj Egqgc BpgEgqg.mb bp Eg rgTedAgc. jEmEybA mVcE, mb sjtyg-f, gccbp Egoj zbzdAgc n TvT kg evt yg pFxdAfc. gzgz dcch edpgkkg ygtg pJppjmgE gccbp En… Our Language and Its Alphabet
Try to read “Our Language and Its Alphabet” and immediately you will notice how accurate and efficient is the Somali Alphabet compared with the Latin Alphabet which was erroreously misadopted 35 years ago.

The most of the readers of Somali… 27-07-2006 ogkgcoc ugtd iJAvE
yj-egogubkdppg vkkf
mb rjTbog
mb EgigTcArbog

zcE cgqgc gpb Hthtgccn nqdE ucTAgpgcf
qgppc bE tgoj degEEdE mbp beejAdtgqgcpf
egibp gTgorgc mb yjtg wgkb mT yj rbttgpg –f?

mgigc rdTd Dtbqb… Ali MA-KADSADE’S Poem
In 1953 when UK cut HAUD AND the Reserved Area from Somalia and granted to Ethiopia, Ali Husen composed this sad piece of… 27-07-2006 qDybp kgTgah


d f g h j == c v b n m

mb rhkgE zjTf. mgib tg dA yj cDTbq0b tvpph. mgib tvpph tn cDTd ynTf eg gc tgqg.

2. yNTftfc

D F G H J == C V B N M… Learning how to read

1. Simple
i e a o u == ii ee aa oo uu

2. Umlaut
The ten Somali umlaut vowels are omitted. Therefore, in Latin you can’t distinguish between “Dirir” a man’s name and “dirir” to fight. Also… 24-07-2006

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