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Welcome to ADA Compliant Patio Furniture

The Adagio Collection is a patented line of outdoor furniture manufactured by Medallion Furniture made specifically for persons with handicaps. It is manufactured to comply with the American Disabilities Act utilizing different sizes and heights to allow persons with handicaps to more easily access the furniture.

What makes the ADIGIO COLLECTION special for handicapped use?

The Collection was designed by a handicapped person with a passion to assist the Handicapped.

Only the handicapped can understand the difficulty of the simplest movement of sitting and exiting a chair, eating at a table that a wheelchair does not fit at, the indignity of dropping food in your lap because the table is too low for a wheelchair.

This was the purpose of the American Disability Act, to give equal access for th Handicapped. The designer believes everyone should be Handicapped for two days to understand the trials and tribulations and frustration of a handicapped person simply trying to sit and get out of a chair.

Medallion was formed and began manufacturing in Miami Florida in 1954.

Medallion initially manufactured solid aluminum furniture with vinyl strapping in several models.  The markets were primarily upscale retail stores in the US.  Medallion was recognized as the originator of upscale aluminum outdoor furniture.

Medallion’s designs and innovation were well know and respected throughout the industry.

As the market grew, Medallion opened another factory in the early 1970’s in Phoenix, Arizona to supply the Midwest and west coast markets.  This factory was closed in 1982 and the production equipment and customers were transferred back to the Miami factory.

Medallion’s reputation of manufacturing upscale outdoor furniture was well know throughout the US.  Medallion’s infamous solid aluminum furniture has become a collector’s item throughout the US.  Medallion was the first to manufacture cushion outdoor furniture in 1972 and the first to manufacture “sling” outdoor furniture in 1976.  Many customers still have furniture they purchased in the 60’s and 70’s and it is most often refinished and re-strapped, because as the customers often say, “there is nothing manufactured today that comes close to the old Medallion furniture”.   We receive many calls for parts for furniture that is 40 years old and owned by the second and third generations.

Medallion was purchased by Robert Gass in 1985 and the factory was moved in 1987 to a new modern facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  That factory was taken by the State of Florida in 1989 for an expansion of Interstate-95 Expressway.  The factory was out of production until 1992, when it was moved back to Miami.  The products and market were refocused on hospitality and commercial markets, away from the retail market which was saturated by inexpensive and cheaply made Chinese products.  The product line was redesigned for the hospitality markets and remains a high quality and well designed product line for upscale properties, as well as condos, cruise lines and restaurants.  Medallion has continued to be innovative by introducing in 2010, the world exclusive collection of Handicapped furniture to comply with American Disabilities Act standards and is “ADA compliant”.

In 2008, Medallion acquired ABI Awning Company, which specialized in commercial awnings for the hospitality, restaurant and condo markets as well as other commercial markets.  The senior management and key employees were retained.  This segment of the company is growing.

In December, 2009, Medallion acquired a major competitor, Comfort Mate and Leisure Lite and merged those factories into the Medallion factory.  Medallion retained the product designs and senior management.  Comfort Mate is a major supplier to the cruise lines and Leisure Lite sells to several National chain hotels.  The Medallion Group was successful in retaining all of the Comfort Mate and Leisure Lite customers and sales staff.

In 2010, the Medallion Group signed several new National accounts, including, Best Western, Holiday Inns, The Continental Group, Oceania Cruise lines, Regent Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, US Government Purchasing and several others.

The Medallion factory, offices and factory showroom is currently located in a 46,000 square foot facility in the Sunshine International Park a strategic location in Miami, Florida.  Medallion is currently working on major upgrades to it’s websites and web marketing.

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